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    Matzos Round Natural URS 1,6 KG á € 17,95
    Out of stock
    Matzos Square Natural URS 1 KG
    á € 11,95
    Out of stock
    Matzos Original Whole groats URS 12x200 gr. á € 38,28
    Out of stock
    Matzos Original Natural URS 12x200 gr. á € 35,88
    Out of stock
    MatzosToast Natural URS 8x100 gr. á € 19,92
    Out of stock
    MatzeCrackers Natural URS 10x100gr. á € 18,50
    Out of stock
    MatzeCrackers Whole groats URS 10x100gr. á € 21,50
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    Only the above mentioned products, which are produced Under Rabbinical Supervision (URS), can be ordered through this website. Your order will be forwarded directly to WIZO in Enschede. WIZO will send the products to you, immediately upon receipt of your payment (including shipping!) The URS products are available from March 13th 2019. Your order has to be transferred to account number NL12RABO015.28.95.604, in the name of WIZO Twente in Enschede, mentioning your complete name and address.