Hollandia Matzes is one of the few independent family bakeries in The Netherlands. Perhaps the smallest A-brand in the Netherlands. Since 1933, in downtown Enschede, Hollandia bakes various types Matzos by traditional recipe. Arise from an ancient custom, whereby large Matzos – in the familiar orange bag – are served with Easter. The smaller version MatzosCrackers, handy packaged in a unique hexagonal box, is nowadays eaten all year long.

Matzos contain no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, no coloring, no flavouring, no etcetera.

Even though there actually is Nothing in it, Matzos are a real treat! For example with butter and sugar, with cheese or meat, with jam or chocolate sprinkles. That’s why, at Hollandia, we are always saying: Nothing will be more delicious! Great at breakfast, lunch, brunch or in between. Try it too, some time!

Hollandia Matzes, Nothing more delicious!