About us

The Matze bakery in Enschede

Hollandia Matzes is one of the few independent family bakeries in the Netherlands.

Possibly one of the smallest A-brands in the Netherlands, Hollandia has been baking various types of Matzes in the city center of Enschede since 1933.

Originating from an age-old tradition where large Matzes, in the well-known orange bag, are placed on the table during Easter, nowadays the smaller variant MatzeCrackers, conveniently packaged in a unique hexagonal box, are enjoyed throughout the year.

Hollandia Authentic BV in Enschede is the sales and marketing organization for the brands Hollandia Matzes, Achterhoekse Theebeschuit, and Vegter’s Rolletjes & Knijpertjes in the Netherlands. We are the custodians of these unique, authentic, and delicious Dutch products with original stories! We passionately strive to provide these relatively small brands with a healthy and independent future. To achieve that, we need fans. We work on this every day, considering it our most important mission.

More information about the brand Vegter’s Rolletjes & Knijpertjes can be found at www.vegter.nl. For more information about Theebeschuit, please visit the dedicated Facebook page ‘Achterhoekse Theebeschuit ‘.