The origin
Around 1000 B.C.

The origin of matzes

More than 3000 years ago, matzes were first made during the Exodus when the Jews were leaving Egypt. During their flight, there was no time to bake bread. The quickly baked, unleavened matzes were therefore a perfect solution. And Hollandia Matzes has stayed true to this ancient recipe.

N.V. Paaschbroodfabriek Hollandia

The establishment

In 1933, with the assistance of the Marcus family from Burg Steinfurt, the Woudstra family established Bakkerij Hollandia Matzes at Nieuwstraat 12 in Enschede. Through hard work and dedication, the company quickly grew into a well-known Matze bakery in Western Europe.

Now, after 90 years, the bakery is still located at the Nieuwstraat, a testament to its enduring presence and legacy.

The evolution of the iconic packaging

The rise of Matzos

During the post-World War II reconstruction period, many products were scarce. Dutch people turned to Matzes in large numbers because they were not rationed. Hollandia Matzes experienced a tremendous surge in popularity among all Dutch citizens.

The unique orange hexagonal box became widely recognized and has since become an icon in the supermarkets

Breakfast in school with Matzes

Eating matzes in school

Since 1962, primary schools in Twente have been able to collect free matzes for their annual Easter breakfast. This means that most children in Twente (around 35,000 per year) have grown up with this tradition.

Since 2010, this initiative has been expanded to include primary schools in the North Veluwe region. Our partner, Theha Kokosbrood, organizes this from Harderwijk.

The Matze bakery in Enschede

New entrepreneurs

After three generations of the Woudstra family, Hollandia Matzes was acquired by Pieter Heijs and his business partner in 2004. With their entrepreneurial spirit and vision, they further developed Hollandia Matzes. The low-calorie cracker became increasingly popular for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.

Pieter en Steven Heijs (2023)

Once again, a family business

With the addition of Steven Heijs, Hollandia Matzes once again became a proud family business. Hollandia Matzes remains loyal to its original recipe but has ambitions to innovate and grow in the coming years.